Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When the parts are more than the whole

We are perpetually amazed at the cost of fixing a PART of an item.  Through normal wear and tear, things break.  No need to throw the baby out with the bath water....just fix the small part and keep on trucking...right?

Here are a few examples of the ridiculousness we have run into to:

1)  Kitchen window.  The bottom sash rotted...$150.  Then G-man broke the glass in the top sash....$300!!!! (which we didn't fix by the way).  To replace the 2 broken pieces....$450, plus materials and labor. 

2)  Microwave handle.  No idea why this keeps breaking.  We replaced one a few years ago on our old microwave (which has since gone to Electronics Heaven).  But this microwave....they want $70 plus shipping for JUST THE HANDLE.  We only spent $200 on the entire unit!!!

3)  Bathroom window.  We spent $50 on a new crank when the old one stripped out.  Now some little piece isn't allowing the window to close completely.  They want $25 for that piece!  This little plastic piece......$25.

and my new favorite.....

4)  A screw.   G-man needed a screw for a fishing reel he is selling.  After a little research, the company he called did indeed have the screw.  $0.24 for the screw.....BUT.....they charge a minimum of $5.00 for an order, plus shipping.  WHAT???!!!!!  You are going to charge us $5.00 for a $0.24 screw?????  No thanks.

Anyone else run into this stuff.....or are we just lucky???????


  1. You are not the only "Lucky" ones! I call it death by a thousand pin pricks! You can hear the rant "It's always something! Why can't everything just run smooth for awhile!" It is when all of the appliances start to go at once when I think there really are gremlins at work. This year it was fridge, washer AND dryer.

    Love your Blog by the way!!

  2. Thanks B-Kat! Not sure how much you have read, but things have been a bit topsy turvy around here....I am trying to find my groove again.

    Appliances...ugh! My stove and fridge are ancient, and I am convinced they will be like an old married couple. One will die, and the other won't be able to live without it's mate.....

  3. I try to prevent things before they happen, for example, the wife's car has 55,000 miles so I'm already planning to replace the battery before it goes out so it doesn't just sneak up on us. I think I get it from all the safety prevention at work, basically prevent incidents before they happen...


  4. @HS - I believe in preventative maintenance too...but stuff breaks. No way of knowing some of this. But....charging $5 for a screw???