Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally....something I CAN blog about!

You guys have no idea how much I miss you!  I am behind in my I have no idea what is going on out there.  One of these days I will catch up....that seems to be a running theme for me right now!

Anyway, there is finally something I can blog about that is unrelated to other issues.....CAMP!

I have mentioned before that we send the kids to day camp every year.  This will be their 5th year, and it is such a WONDERFUL program.  Weekly field trips, weekly trip to the pool.  Everyday has a "theme" and activities are centered around that theme....Carnival Day, Pirate Day, Backward Day.....I don't think the kids have ever come home and NOT had fun.

And as a bonus for us....they provide a nurse to feed Bossy, and a one-to-one aide for him!  At no extra charge!  AND...we have gotten to know the Parks and Rec Inclusion Director (who sets all of this up) and she lets me HAND PICK his aide from the list.  SWEET.

The catalog came out this week, and there are a few changes to the program....FOR THE BETTER!

Camp has traditionally been $70 a week per child (a little less for 4th of July week since it is only 4 days).  This is what we have always based our budget number around.  Camp is 7 weeks, although there have been years we have only sent them for 6 weeks due to our vacation schedule.  Bottom line....7 weeks of camp has been $476 per kid. 

WELL....this year they are offering sibling discounts.  YEAH!!!!  The first child is $70, the second is $50 (that funky week still stays the same).  But that is a savings of $20 a week, and for the six weeks it affects...that is a savings of $120!!

If we send them to 7 weeks of camp, we are at $836 for both kids....vs $952.  At our current rate of savings, in a month we have fully funded the Camp fund, which will be one full paycheck earlier than anticipated.

Additionally, they are offering 2 "bonus" weeks at $15/day per child.  We have sent them to this program before, and they have a blast and a half.  We have talked about sending them for 1 week, for 3 days (more for childcare issue than anything else).  So that will run us $90 more.

$836 + $90 = $926.  

We are still ahead of the game....since we budgeted for $952.  If we do this, camp will be fulled funded on April 18 (the original date).  It feels great to know that we won't be trying to figure out how to pay for camp.  The money is sitting in our ING acct, just waiting for us to enroll the kids.

Once camp is fully funded, I will have to re-assess what "pot of gold" I am funding next.  The original plan was for G-man's birthday party........I think that is off now.  I will probably put some aside for the kids' birthday party (which won't nearly be as much as G-man's party), then work on funding Christmas.

But for today....I am happy about Camp.


  1. That's an awesome savings!

    Make sure you take care of yourself and you and your family continue to be in our prayers.

  2. thats a really good price! I think camp sounds like a great idea and it will give you a bit of breathing space as well.

  3. Mysti..
    Gosh...I've been in my own little world of crap that I haven't been able to check out all my bloggy friends.
    I am totally sending you cyber hugs and love.

  4. @Freebird - thank you.

    @Louise - Camp doesn't really give me breathing space. I drop them off...go to work...pick them up. They are in camp the same hours as school.

    @Kathy - hello my friend! Long time no see. has been quite a month.

  5. That is so great!!! And such a blessing for you at this time.

  6. Sounds like a great camp. Do they have one for grown-ups? I'd love to go! Hang in there and take care of yourself.

  7. Sounds like a fantastic time and a great price! That is amazing that they hook up bossy like that for no extra charge.

  8. @Rhitter - I am just glad I am not stressed about paying for it!

    @Ruth - I would LOVE to go to their camp. Pizza parties, sno cones, moon bounces. Field trips are to the zoo, or bowling, or to see a play. I totally would go.

    @Evan - our town has a FABULOUS inclusion specialist, who goes out of her way to make sure that all kids can have the best experience. I can send him to camp and know that he is included in all activities, medically taken care of, and safe.