Monday, February 14, 2011

Procrastination actually SAVED me some cash!

I use the on-line calendar, Cozi....not totally effectively since I tend to keep alot in my head....but it is nice.  Flylady has her own version, and it lets you download Flylady lists.  In my little perfect world, I am June Cleaver, swishing and swiping my way through the day in pearls and heels.

One nice feature of the calendar is that you can make multiple To Do lists, and the calendar is designed to have a "shared" list, and then individual lists.  This is cool if you and your beloved (Happy V-day!) are on the same page with all of this stuff.  You can leave little Honey Do lists! 

Yeah, this isn't how my marriage works, but my head it is awesome.

Anyway, on my To Do list was to fill a prescription.  As to not turn this into a EWWWW post....let's just say I needed a script filled for a condition I have, that should have been filled.....back in October.  Yeah.....October.  But I was busy then.....then my parents were coming, and I didn't have time to deal with it....then it was December and the holidays were here.....and then it was January and I didn't get around to it.....and I SWEAR I was going to do it this was on my official TO DO list!

Well, nature intervened.  No medication needed.  Body decided to work for once.  So I saved the $20 bucks that prescription would have cost.

Was it the healthiest way to save $20?  Nope.  Would my doctor yell at me?  Yep.  Is it done now, and all of this is a moot point?  Yep.

I am NOT advocating messing around with your health for the sake of saving $20.  I could have easily taken all of this in the polar opposite direction....where the condition turned into a more serious condition and then it costs hundred of dollars (unlikely, but possible). It worked out this time.

Have you ever had sometime where procrastination working in your favor???

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