Friday, February 4, 2011


Like my life needs any more chaos....

We got caught in a lock down at the hospital this morning while at a doctor's appointment for Bossy.  A child was missing....he was later found at his Grandma's.  Don't even get me started.

Then a few hours ago my friend called to tell me that my kids' school was being evacuated because the hallways were cracking due to the snow and ice and they needed to assess the structural damage.  Another school was evacuated this morning...and 14/20 near by buildings (like walking distance from my house) have been deemed unsafe.

Couple all of this with my friend's friend died in the middle of all of this (from cancer) and her husband is flying in from London tonight.  So we took her son.  We may take her daughter, so she can go deal with stuff.  Oh, and it is her daughter's birthday!

Since our evacuation, 2 more schools have been evacuated, and to make matters worse, the 2 "new" schools to be evacuated were where the other schools evacuated to!  (did you follow that???)

Bossy is confused.   Thank goodness G-man was able to get the kids.  He would have been a nightmare being shuttled around like this.

Who knows if the kids will have school next week.  Then the week after is "vacation".  This is a joke.

I am trying to clear out as much stuff at work as possible, just in case.  This whole thing is insane.  But hey, at least I have my paycheck now!


  1. What a DAY!!! Both of my kids dorms were evacuated last week on the same day..enough to worry a mom to death. I hope your day gets better, you are a great friend for taking her children.

    Keeping you in my thoughts


  2. Wow. I think I'm likin' my life right now.

    Hang in there!

  3. Oh my! Good luck with everything. You sure do have a lot going on right now. Stay positive and this too shall pass :)

  4. Oh my goodness. No stress in your life, huh? I can't believe the kid was found at his grandmas! What in the heck is with people today.

  5. That is just freaking crazy!!! :D

  6. Thanks everyone. The kids are fine. And their school was cleared by the city fire marshall and whatever powers that may be as "safe." Back to school tomorrow!