Friday, January 21, 2011

Not my budget problem...but had to share!

I have mentioned that our PTA has a fundamental problem with the budget....aka, they really don't have one.  Or I should say, they play fast and loose with it.

I really had to bite my tongue at the meeting last night as they were discussing an event to take place in 2 weeks.  This event's inception was in November, but apparently they all decided "how hard can it be?" and have done next to nothing to plan for it.  I am not part of this event..and I am staying as far away as I can.

The event....a Spaghetti Dinner to raise funds for something silly. In any event, they are listing out that they want to serve pasta, sauce and meatballs, bread, and salad.  Hoping to get about 100 people.  And their "budget" for supplies.....$100.

They seriously think that they are going to be able to serve this dinner for a buck a person.  And mind you, they don't want to use jar sauce, or frozen meatballs.  They have no timeline on when to get supplies, who is cooking, advertising...nothing.

But back to our $100 "budget."  They want to ask the community and local businesses to donate stuff.  But this is what they do for EVERYTHING.  They keep their hands perpetually they not realize that they have gone to the well one too many times?  They are using the community as CREDIT!  They don't have the funds to put on an event....they don't have foreplanning to work out the they essentially are charging it all to the community.

They are so accustom to having others fill in the gaps (which can include the planners making up the deficit), that they are clueless on how much it actually costs to run the event.  They honestly think this event....for food, paper goods, and supplies.....will cost $100.



  1. This is funny reading! OMG! No wonder I never got involved with the PTA. That would aggravate me to no end.

  2. I finally said NO this year After almost 18 years (my oldest is1 and my youngest is 15) I refuse to worry about it all anymore or be blamed when it fails