Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Final Look at Blogging and Personal Goals 2010

As I look back to my idealistic self from a year ago....all I have to say is "What the Heck was I thinking???"

 Personal Goals 2010

1) Lose 25 lbs. Does gaining and losing the same 3 pounds count????

2) Exercise 2x a week, for at least 30 minutes each session. HAHAHAHAHA!  I slay myself.

3) Wash the kitchen floor 1x per week. Floor definitely got washed more than it had, but 1x a week....yeah, no.

4) Categorize all the digital photos, and compile photobooks for each child, documenting ages 3-7. WOW, I really am ambitious!!!  HAHAHA!

5) Finish my recipe book, typing at least 1 recipe per day.  I can't believe that I actually wrote this.....

6) Continue my spiritual journey, and help my children learn with me. Closer to this one, but so far to go.

7) Find a daily skin care routine that I can actually afford, will do daily, and works!  I did try on this one.....just couldn't find one I liked and could afford.  But I will keep trying!

 Blogging Goals 2010

1) I have lots of ideas of how to set up my blog. No idea how to do it.....gotta learn how.  I did make some changes over the year, but it still isn't where I want. 

2) Instead of posting 5 blog entries at it as they happen!  Better....but the problem actually became not blogging for a few days and running out of time.

3) Increase followers to 30 (which is double where I am now)YIPPEE.....Busted this one!!!  You all ROCK.

4) Continue to be whole heartedly honest with you all.. I think I am honest with you.  I screwed up alot of things, and told ya all the sorted details!

I am a perfectionist...and I really feel like if I can't do it BIG, and PERFECT, then "I don't have time."  I think that is where alot of my goals went wrong.  Stay tuned for the 2011 goals.....MUCH more scaled down!


  1. I think you and I are a lot alike. :-)

  2. Ugh.. isn't weight loss depressing?!?!?

  3. @Kari - I will take that as a complement! ;)

    @Ashley - I am doing Weight Watchers, and when I actually DO the program, it works. But yes, very depressing.

  4. So are you revising your expectations for this year? One of the bloggers I read has set her 2011 goal as Accepting Herself Daily. I love that idea.

  5. @ Dogfood Provider - I love that. That is great!

    @ Mysti - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  6. @Provider - Oh, my goals this year are WAY different. Stay tuned!

    @Rhitter - thanks! I hope that 2011 treats you better than 2010.