Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday G-man! husband is turning 39 today. 

His choice of activities for his birthday.....window shopping at the mall, dinner at a steakhouse, and cake at home.

I spent a little more on his birthday gifts than usual (about $100, from me and the kids).  Mostly because I haven't been around much lately, and I felt a little bad.  Plus, I knew one item on his list was the preferred gift (at $70), and I just wanted him to have it.  I budgeted for all of no worries.

The window shopping could be a problem.  Stay strong Mysti and G-man!  Window shopping means you don't come home with a bunch of stuff!!!  I will concede that the kids need some clothes, so we might get them a few shirts, socks, etc.  But that should be it.

To my husband.....I complain about you....ALOT.  You can be a real dumas (aka dumb a$$), but you are my dumas.  Love ya lots and lots.  Happy 39th birthday.  Only one more year......until you hit........40!!!

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  1. Hey, no guilt for buying gifts that you budgeted for! Stay strong while window shopping! :) Happy birthday, G-man!