Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well math skills were off

We are so close to getting a $50 gift card for a home improvement store.  Remember, I started using my rewards card just to get this and then I am done.  I started the process, and I want to finish.

The points are awarded at the end of the billing cycle, which was yesterday.  I checked my points, and I am 46 points short.  So now I have to wait until the end of the next billing cycle (Mid November) before I can redeem the points.  I basically need one more purchase to get there.

Frustrating.  We were hoping to use the gift card as part of our hallway project (which I want done before Thanksgiving because my parents are coming to visit).  No such luck. 

The card won't go to waste.  We have plenty to do.  I was just trying to stretch the budget enough to paint and get new lights.



  1. we totally do this too! i put our groceries on it and then pay it off right away...eventually in about 4-6 months we accummulate a walmart gift card that we use to stock up on household supplies. sometimes it's a pain, but if you're getting $50 from your credit card and not paying any interest, that seems like a bargain to me : )

  2. Oh, it is a good thing. Just thought I would get it this month and not next!