Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Used up our FSA

We put $3750 in our FSA this year.....and as of this morning, we had $23 left before it is gone.  Considering we are at the end of October.....we did ok.  Not great, but not horrid.  In the past we put more in the account (and we have always used it).  I was just hoping that this year we would be able to cut back on some of the expenses.....guess not!

More to the point....we have already spent $3750 out of pocket on medical....not including over the counter medication and supplies (I have no idea how much we have already spent on that!!).  This is co-pays at the doctor and therapists, dentist, and feeding supplies. 

I still need to get contacts and new glasses.  G-man has a dentist appointment in 2 weeks.  And we have our weekly occupational therapy.  So none of that will be reimbursed.  Oh well.

Right now....I am leaning toward $4000 for next year.  That breaks down to about $153 a paycheck ($9 more than now).   At least we get a small tax break putting aside pre-tax.  We won't have enough to claim on our taxes (you know....that 7.5% of your adjusted gross.....), so at least it is something.

Anyone else running dry on their FSA?  If you do have a FSA, how much do you put aside?


  1. I ran out of mine in March due to an unplanned root canal. Next week I need dental surgery (on the same tooth) luckily my endodontist is considering it under the original root canal therapy and it is costing me $0 out of pocket next week otherwise it would have been another $705.

    I did my benefits yesterday and doubled my FSA contribution to $2K. My dentist and I had a discussion of what we are planning for next year, add in physical therapy, prescription copays and a possible surgical copay and I will use it up.

    One thing I did learn this week is that Meijer stores in the midwest will fill certain antibiotics for free - they did not even take my insurance card. No copay or anything. Antibiotics and prenatal vitamins are free there. I have family in Florida who found that Publix does not charge for certain prescriptions as well.

    If you are near either of them - check them out!

  2. It depends - I have to look at my medicals for this year and plan accordingly.

  3. I ran out a month or so ago. Then got an abscess and am having to pay for the crown out of pocket because the root canal used up all my dental benefits for the year.

    Last year I had $1,000 too much in it and this year a $1,000 to little!

  4. I just ran out this past week. I will end up owing about $60 towards a hospital bill out of pocket. That being said, I sould really contribute more next year so that we can pay for needed dentist visits.

  5. @Iris - $60 isn't bad as an overall. Congrats for making almost to December!