Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good, Bad, Ugly - 10/10/10!!

If you aren't a "number" person, you probably won't care that today is 10/10/10!  But if you are and would like some more information about the meaning of today, then go read the article! 

(the number 11 is a VERY powerful number in the Universe, so next year on 11/11/11 is going to be insane!)

Anyway....let's look at this week's recap:

The Good:  I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Jeff at Deliver Away Debt, who is trying to start a financial coaching business.  He and his wife have been able to pay off a HUGE chunk of debt, and with about 44k remaining....he estimates they will be debt free by next spring!  My goals through financial coaching are 1)  get G-man more on board with all of this, and 2)  see if we can swing living off of 2/3 incomes we have (probably G-man's full time job and my job) and use the other job (G-man's second job) purely to repay debt.

Also, we FINALLY found a paint color for our hallway! Two more testers, and we found the right color.  In all, we spent roughly $46 on paint testers.  Ridiculous.  But if we purely had gone off of the paint chip and bought a gallon, we would have spent alot more.  

And from the "oops, but I guess it worked out" file....I forgot to order Bossy's Halloween costume last night.  But the site hasn't updated the prices yet, so when I ordered it this morning, I still got 30% off.  Now. the shipping charges negate the 30%, so the total price ends up being the same as if I went to the store (which of course doesn't sell this costume....)

The Bad:  Our wanky 2 months before 3 paycheck month has caught up with us.  What this has resulted in is a veering off of our usual saving for the mortgage (half from first paycheck, half from the second).  Instead, I saved $500 (vs the usual $825, which will be going up to $850 with the escrow shortage), and the ultimate result will be paying our mortgage ON the 1st so I can make up the deficit from that paycheck (the first of 3 in the month).  It all has to do with due dates and when payroll falls.  But I would have loved to not had this happen.

The Ugly: We received our car insurance renewal, which has also gone up 50% (as did the home owner's insurance).  We have already been researching new companies, because the combined increases are over $1100 per year!  Right now we are leaning toward AllState, although my research has produced alot of negative customer service reviews.

Anyone want to share yours????


  1. The ugly is those stupid unexpected car repairs. I hate it. Dipping into savings or emergency funds. GRRR

  2. The ugly is fairly easy to fix with a change of providers. The bad is not that bad, just don't eat or put gas in your cars :-)

  3. @Mimi - grrr is right! Hope the fix is a long lasting one.

    @Jeff - yeah, the ugly is in process of being fixed. The bad...I think food and gas are kind of important. So, I will have to think on that one. ;)

  4. I switched car insurance providers a few months ago because of a big increase from the one I was with. I ended up with Mercury. It's been fine, but then again we haven't had to use them.

  5. Good- A friend is visiting from Ottawa and I didn't go crazy when I went shopping with her. I bought one small tin of loose tea and that was it.

    Bad- I bought waaaaay too many apples for the apple upside down cakes that I was making. There are three bags left over. There's a waste of $15

    Ugly- I can't think of anything! It's Thanksgiving here and I've been so busy thinking of things I'm thankful for!

  6. I use Geico and I've always been really happy with them. Check and see if you can get any discounts due to your place of work, college, etc.