Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Follow-Up to my Fortune

So yesterday I challenged you to start doing something you have been procrastinating about.  Starting is the hardest part.

I made a phone call that I have been putting off.  And you know what....it wasn't that bad.

I "belong" to one of those DVD clubs (I joined like 5 years ago to get the cheap DVDs). Anyone who has done this knows that once you get past the cheap ones...they are darn expensive.  We really don't buy DVDs anymore, but I never got around to canceling it.  I just kept declining the offers.

A few months ago, they revamped the system.  I stopped getting notices to respond to an offer, and all of a sudden, DVDs were showing up.  I didn't want them (and not one of them would be one I would actually buy).  After the first one, I kept saying...I need to call.  Then I tossed it aside and forgot. 

Fast forward 3 months....this is out of hand.  So I FINALLY called and canceled.  And I got instructions on how to return the videos and have my account credited.  So right after I got off the phone, I followed the instructions and today I will go to the post office and mail those bad boys back.

It wasn't so bad.  And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  It is very liberating.  Go ahead.....Just do it!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love when I get those little tasks out of the way. I had call my insurance company recently and I felt 20 pounds lighter after I hung up. I just hate when things are hanging over my head.

    My task I started today was organizing my home office.

  2. I really should keep a list of "little" tasks that I need to do. Just so I can have the thrill of crossing them off the list.