Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you try to use a competitor's coupon?

This is where G-man's total passive approach to life gets in the way.

He was at Home Depot yesterday picking up paint.  I gave him a Sherwin William's coupon for 25% and told him to ask if they accept competitor coupons.  I have used these coupons successfully at Lowe's, so I thought we would give Home Depot a shot.

So he gave the coupon to the cashier, who said no, can't use it.   *sigh*

If I was there, I would have asked for a manager.  If the manager said No, then that is that.  I tried.  But usually the manager has the authority to give the green light.  On $75 worth of paint, that coupon would have saved us $18.75!

But G-man took 19 year old-has worked at Home Depot for less than a year at her word.  Because I am soooooo sure she knows the store policies like the back of her hand.  GRRR.  So when she said no, he accepted it, paid, and went on his way.

(and then proceeded to spend 2 hours on tinting the ceiling paint, vs the maybe 30 minutes it should have taken....but I digress).

What would you have done in this situation?  Not used the coupon?  Gone to Sherwin Williams?  Asked for a manager?  Something else???


  1. I wouldn't have gone to Sherwin Williams b/c their higher prices would have made the coupon moot. But I'm good about asking, "Are you sure? Do you mind checking with the manager anyway?"

    Home Depot is funny, though. The one here by the base gives military a 10% discount, but the one closest to our house doesn't. Apparently it's "manager's discretion". (And yes, we spoke to him. ;)

  2. Sigh. I would have been like your husband and stopped with the 19 year old. Which is why I should get me a spouse like you and send THEM to the store with the coupon!

  3. @Jolyn - I agree on SW paint...too pricey. But thanks for agreeing with me that maybe talking to a manager was in order.

    @Grace - If he and I are together, I do the talking (aka...can I see a manager). But I was at work, and he went alone. And here we are. Maybe next time you are in this situation...give it a go!

  4. I have used Lowes coupons at Home Depot before with no problems. I would guess if they would take Lowes then they would take Sherman Williams. I would call the store and see if you can take the reciept back with coupon and get money back.

  5. @Tennille - I will try and see if they will do an after transaction adjustment.....but I am not holding my breath.

  6. I would have asked the store policies, but then just paid and left. I love to use a coupon when i can. Love it

  7. I used to use Linens and Things coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond all the time, and I use Joann's coupons at Michaels. However, I have never thought to do this at home improvement stores.

    Hmmm...I probably would have asked for a manager since it was a younger kid. But I can be pretty bold.

  8. My husband is a quiet man around people. When he wants something, like a better table in a restaurant he says to me, 'Honey, go do that thing you do and get us a better table.'
    He in turn cooks dinner for me and makes my lunch (that I bring to work) among other things!
    I know it can be frustrating but you have to pick your battles!

  9. Anyone have any hints on how to teach a husband to be more assertive?????