Sunday, September 5, 2010

Always read EVERYTHING

I am in a holding pattern right now to see if I got scammed on Ebay.

I ordered something, and didn't pay close attention to the seller, or the location.  It was a good price, and free shipping.  Sounded good to me!  It wasn't until after I hit the buy it now and paypal that I noticed that 1)  The seller was brand new, as in ZERO feedback, and 2)  He was in China.

At the time that I noticed, it made me a little nervous, and I fluffed it off.  Everyone was a newbie at some time, right???  And even though the shipping stated it was free, the estimated time of arrival was 13-20 business days.  OK, lesson learned....I will wait.

Then this morning I got a notice from Ebay that they pulled the listing due to possible copyright issues.  Upon further is POSSIBLE that I bought a copy of something....not the real deal.  Ebay said I had to wait 7 days to open a case. Ok....that is next Friday.

THEN, I get notice from PayPal that my item has shipped.  OK.....So back to Ebay I go, and per the site, I have to wait for the item to arrive and I can inspect it.  If it is a fraudulent copy, then I can open a case.  If it is ok....then I go on my merry way.

I am hoping HOPING HOPING that this is just a new guy that got flagged.  And that my item is real.  It was purchased as a gift. 

The lesson from all of EVERYTHING before you commit!!!


  1. And that is why I do not buy anything on Ebay! I do not trust that site. I have had several friends that have gotten scammed.

  2. I was just teaching my mother about ebay today. I made up several "rules" for her to follow. I'm worried about her getting scammed.

    I actually bought something once that turned out to be a fake. I complained to ebay and they gave me my money back and went after the seller. I find they're actually really good at dealing with bad sellers.

    I hope that your item turns out ok, and ebay is just checking up on him because he is new!

  3. @Rhitter -I have bought a few things on Ebay and this is my first problem. Hoping it isn't too big of a deal.

    @Debt Free Girl - Normally I have "rules" too, but this time I was careless. It appears that I will have recourse if it turns out to be a fake. Glad to know that it worked out for you and you got your $ back.