Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The timing is STILL not right...but.....

UGH.  Why this week?  Why when I am stressed about school and money does this happen?

August is just a bad month for me emotionally.  I have had alot of bad things happen in August, and it just builds over the month.  So, I tend to be a little edgy to start.

Add in the kids' birthday (which is related to the emotional stuff too).  Presents and cake.  And we do not do parties, but we do one special day for them instead.  This year it is the movies, lunch, and Bounce house place.  (It was supposed to be a theme park, but the weather isn't good).

Add in back to school shopping. And August is an expensive month.

I got a small bonus at work.  Which we decided to use towards the kids' birthday celebration.    We have leaned a little on the credit cards due to higher than normal spending, and my mistake of opening Pandora's Box to get the credit card points. 

And what happens.....My coveted bookcase is back. Maybe it is a good sign that no one wants to buy it and it is just waiting for me.

Not a good week to tempt me!  UGH.  WHINE AND CRY!!!

Someone slap me.

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