Sunday, August 1, 2010

Link Love....

Here's a confession...ok, a few confessions...

1)  I have no idea how to track if someone gives me link love.  If I am reading a blog and there I am...then, groovy baby.  But no idea how to actually KNOW this is happening.

2)  I read alot.  I comment some.  But sharing links....not my strong suit.

3)  My biggest problem with link love.....if you read alot of blogs that all have round ups, you will find that alot of the same articles are featured.  While I am sure that these posts are awesome, I would like to see some variety.

So, here are a few posts that I have enjoyed reading this week.  They may not be the newest.  They may not all be Yakezie.  But I enjoyed them and I hope you will too.

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