Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alexa bummer

No idea why, but my Alexa rating dropped considerably in the last week.

My insecure side gets nervous that I tick people off.  Or I stink at this. 

My logical side says that it is a number....who cares.  That I am doing this blog for ME, and the number doesn't matter.

Oh well.....


  1. Hi - I read, but don't post. I wouldn't worry about the number dropping. Maybe there was more traffic for others so you got shuffled. What I mean is, your traffic might be the same, but others had an increase. I don't think your posts are depressing. Keep going and stay focused on your goal!

  2. That's the one thing about the Alexa ranking. You get obsessed with it! I'm guilty of it too. I would check my ranking multiple times a day, even though it would never change. I would make myself post every single day, hoping it would up my score. Don't let a ranking stress you out. Like you said, this blog is for you. As long as you're happy with it, who cares about that number?

  3. I get obsessed with it too! Esp. with all the other Yakezies' having very high rank and their ranks improving phenomenally every week! I don't check my rank multiple times, but I am guilty of checking my google analytics/sitemeter too many times a day... oh well... Now I have decided to not check it for another 3 months. We just have keep going I guess...