Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well, that was a bust

Dear be the judge.

Picture it:

You work all day.  Pick up your bickering children, who are filthy from camp.  Head over to run 2 quick errands before bring your son to 2 back to back therapy sessions.  Did I mention the WICKED storm that was going on, with the threat of Tornado?

We walk into the house...and the power is out.  I haven't eaten all day.  Both kids are hungry.

So I did what most moms in my situation would do.....we went out to get something to eat for dinner.

Well gosh darnit.  There went my no eating out for the month of July.

So readers....I spent $18 (with tip) on meals for myself and 2 kids.  Do I get a pass on my no eating out?  Or do I have to wear the FAILURE Dunce Cap?


  1. Only the heartless would make you wear the Dunce Cap after reading that story!

    Even if you had the food to eat for dinner, you would have had already moody kids eating in a house with no air conditioning! Not even ceiling fans! I am the stingiest of the stingy when it comes to running our air conditioner and even I turn it on for a few minutes every couple hours. It's miserable if I don't.

    So, yeah, you totally deserve a pass. It sounds like even the weather was scheming against your no eat out month! :) I hope your power wasn't out for too long! When ours goes out, it usually means it'll be out for a day to two days. We have to transport all of our refrigerated goods to the fridge at work to keep them from spoiling.

  2. I wouldn't label it a failure, but I do think you didn't succeed in your goal - which is unfortunate after going 2/3 of the month. However I wouldn't say I blame you - it sounds like a tough spot (and I don't know whats its like to deal with two hungry kids in a storm).

    But in the end, if you have the money in your budget then its no big deal.

    In retrospect, would you do it again?

  3. Pass!

    Unless there was something in the fridge that had to be eaten right then or go bad AND you could have gotten the kids to eat it cold. So I guess that means you get a pass unless you had a lot of ice cream melting. ;)

  4. The point is to make the goals and strive to reach them, not be perfect 100% of the time. No one is.

    So I say, Pass! Because you still have some month left, start again today!

  5. you get a pass!!!!!! just pick up and restart it!!!!!

  6. @Red - the power was out about 4 hrs, on for 2, and out for another 3-4. I threw out a few things just because I was going to err on the side of caution.

    @Dan - technically, it was already a failure due to the soda and coffee (about $9 worth). But of that $9, $7 was G-man. But thanks for kicking a girl when she was down!! ;) If it was just me, I would have dealt with it. But kids throw a whole other wrench into things!

    @NicoleandMaggie - not much in the fridge due to a BBQ we are having this weekend and was making room. Ice Cream....while Sassy would have been thrilled, Bossy doesn't eat it, so that would be a no-go.

    @singledebt - we aren't planning on eating out the rest of the month. We are calling this "circumstancial."

    @jpkittie - thanks!

  7. $6 each? No power? Don't worry so much about it ;)

  8. @Kevin - thanks, guy! The bill was actually $14, and I gave her a $4 tip. Bossy was a little cranky and a little messy last night, so I usually tip well when the wait staff has some extra clean up involved.