Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crisis Averted!

Here in the Northeast, we are having a heat wave.  While G-man and I are from the south and really don't know what everyone is complaining about....we will concede that inside our house it is an oven.  The other night, at 11pm, the house was reading 90 degrees.  Not ideal sleeping temps!

We have a larger (10000 BTU) window a/c downstairs, and smaller units in the bedrooms.  We considered getting another larger unit to cool the entire upstairs.  But it wasn't in the budget, so we said we will consider it for another year.

Last night, Bossy's a/c decided to blow hot air.  Perfect!  I bunked him in with Sassy (and when I checked on them later, they both had fallen asleep in her bed).  But that was a temp fix.

The knee jerk reaction was "we need to buy a new a/c."  I really didn't want to....I said let's make the kids share a room for the summer.  G-man thought that was a bad idea.  We toyed with buying the large unit.....but I wasn't all in for spending that money either.

Well, we figured out the problem....something with the thermostat.  The unit is 15 years old, and doesn't work great....but at least it is better than nothing.  I am hoping to snag a new one on clearance at the end of the season.


  1. Sometimes you can find these on Craigs list. People buy newer or smaller ones and don't want their bigger ones any longer.

  2. Or at the Habitat reuse store. Or put it on facebook that you need a new one and hope one falls out of the sky.

    When we were little, my brother and I LOVED the chance to have sleepovers in the other's room or in the family room. If Saucy and Bossy get too hot, maybe they would dig camping out downstairs?

  3. @Gina - we decided against going with CL (which is usually my go-to place) because we didn't want to spend money and find out that the unit doesn't work right, leaks, etc. This is one thing we decided we would buy new.

    @DogFood Provider - the kids did love having sleepovers. We just have to be careful with Bossy that it doesn't become habit, and then it is a bee-atch to un-do.

  4. We recently had a similar problem w/our water heater, which we thought was over 15 years old. It hadn't worked great for awhile -- plenty big, but hot water ran out real quick and made for short showers. (All the better to save on the water bill, I just said.) Then one day the hot water went POOF and was gone completely. I thought for sure we'd need a new water heater. Why couldn't it hold on for a few more months until we sell this house, I thought? I know, bad.

    Turns out our water heater has TWO heating elements -- who knew? And one had been blown for awhile, and the other just went. Also, the water heater is only SIX years old, not 16. $70 service call on our warranty instead of replacement. Phew!