Sunday, May 30, 2010

GBU -May 30,2010

Another week flew by....where does the time go???

The Good - My peonies have bloomed, and I was able to pick a few and put them in a mason jar for a very sweet centerpiece for my kitchen table.  Cost....NADA.  Peonies came with the house when we bought it in 2001....mason jar was left over from a project 6 years ago.

The Bad - The spending door has opened a little further.  Craigslist is my new best friend.  I bought 4 shelves for $10 (they are great!).  One will be painted to go in the bathroom to hang towels; one will become a new cell phone charging station/key hook.  One will probably go in Sassy's room....the other is yet to be determined.  And I bought a water fountain for $50 for the front flowerbed.  It was brand new in the box...retails for over twice that! 

The money came from our Craigslist sales.  Which techinically was for Christmas, but we decided that we probably won't use it all for that purpose (since the big stuff will be "free" thanks to CC points). So we allowed ourselves a little wiggle room.

The Ugly - The computer is dead.  We went window shopping for a new one, just because we had no idea what we needed or what that would cost.  We were in Best Buy, and seems that what we want is about $800.  Now we have to slow down our debt repayment a little to save for this.  We decided to limp along on this lap top for as long as we can.  I really don't want to slow down the debt stuff.  I want to have Hospital #1 bill paid off before the kids' birthday at the end of the summer. about you......what are your financial GBU's for the week??


  1. I like the idea of "financial GBUs"! Good was getting freelance checks in the mail, bad was we overspent on stuff for our BBQ, and the ugly was dropping $315 on brakes for my car. Nothing too terrible.

  2. Oh no not the computer. Ugh. That is ugly. Why do they break? I hate that.

  3. Buy a desktop computer. You get way more bang for your buck so to speak. A $800 laptop in functionality, speed, memory, hard drive is equivalent to a $500 desktop. You dont NEED a laptop... The last laptop I bought the monitor LCD died.. Over $150 to replace and that's with me doing it myself. I ended up getting a used monitor at a rummage sale for $20 and plugged laptop into that.0

  4. What is wrong with the computer. If you can get on the internet you can checkout CrossLoop it lets others get access to your computer, so if you have a family member or friend that isn't near you they can still help out. I used it all weekend for The Wife's dad's computer

  5. @ Gonna - we are getting a desktop. With an Autistic child...lap top is not a good idea.

    @Evan - Not sure what is wrong with it. It keeps shutting itself off. I will ask my bro (an IT guy) about CrossLoop.

    Bro sent me a list of low, mid, and high range PCs that are contenders. The $800 range is for a new printer, monitor, and CPU. The mid range CPU was $600 for just that, so for $200 more, we get the whole shebang. But we are going to limp along with our old laptop for as long as we can deal so we can save up.