Tuesday, May 4, 2010

35 yrs old....

Today is my 35th birthday.  Happy Birthday to me.  My day actually started 2 hours early, when at 10pm last night, G-man was pulled into a work situation.  He has worked 29.5 hours since Sunday morning....and has no idea when he will be home.  Missing my birthday.  Kids are upset that we aren't going to dinner, as promised.  I have a meeting at school that I have to deal with alone.

I got up early so I could have some quiet time....and the kids heard me and got up too.  So much for that idea.  Anyway....beyond my mini pity party .....

At 35, I am married to a great guy who drives me nuts.  Two kids.  A job I like.  Some incredible friends. I have a Master's Degree.  A house.  A mini van.   Finally got past that teenage and 20's crap with my parents to realize that maybe just once in a while, they know something.  Sounds pretty good so far....if you push the $72K in debt aside for just a minute!

Death.....more of it in my life than I would have liked.  I have dealt with the death of my father-in-law....ushering in a new stage of life, one where our parents aren't there "just in case."  I have dealt with my mother's cancer and my dad's debilitating illness.  I have dealt with the premature birth, and almost death of Bossy and Sassy.  I have dealt with the death of my twin daughters, and my miscarriage of another baby.

I almost died myself.  Wow....talk about being a Debbie Downer!  But....wait....what have I learned. 

35 has bugged me for awhile.   The gray hair.  The new demographic (and if you are reading this and were born when I was in high school....please don't tell me).  I am now rounded up to "almost 40."  And I thought that all of this was major.

Now that 35 is here.....it really isn't so major.  Taking the bull (hee hee....I am a Taurus...hee hee) by the horns and experiencing those 8 seconds is what it is all about.  I learned that life is going to happen.  It is all in how you choose to deal with it.  You can let it wash over you, and consume you, or you can embrace the challenges, and be sooooo incredibly proud when you arrive on the other side, victorious (even if you are a little beat up).

So as I now am officially in my mid-to-late 30's....it is about taking a stand.  Having conviction.

I briefly mentioned this before....but I am going to declare this officially now......


I can't wait to start this next phase of life.  Really.  (but a piece of birthday cake would be nice to have first).


  1. Happy Birthday! I actually enjoy my 30s much more than I ever did my 20s. Of course, pretty soon I'll find out about the 40s myself...

    I for one say you will be debt-free BEFORE you are 40! Money tends to come into the lives of those who are managing it well and being good stewards of what they have. And I really believe that.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I am inspired by your blog and love reading about how you are getting out of debt. I am currently almost 29 (birthday is Sunday) and I hope to also be out of debt by 40. (Yes, it will take that long, sigh). Keep going strong! And thanks for blogging!

  3. Good for you and happy birthday! I love reading your blog. It is honest and refreshing. Keep it up.

  4. Happy Bday, Spiffykins! The best is yet to come. I suggest you go ahead and celebrate your birthday all week -- a cupcake a day with Bossy and Sassy. They'll LURVE it.