Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well, there went THAT plan

Our plan to repay the retirement loan fell apart.

If you recall, the plan was to take the check from the car accident to pay a bulk amount ($2500) toward the retirement loan.  We confirmed with the insurance company that the money was ours and they couldn't "make" us fix the car.  We could do what we wanted with it

However, the check was made out to us and the credit union who holds the loan for the car.  So we were told we had to forward the check to them for endorsement. Got a call from the credit union today.  They won't endorse the check without a work order for the car.  AKA, they are making us fix the car (or we don't cash the check).

So there goes that plan.  The retirement loan will have to get paid back at the snail's pace we are at.  Tax refund will knock a little off....but we are probably looking at roughly 2 yrs now to pay it in full.

We are completely circling the drain.

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