Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute and Cheap Anniversary Gift Ideas

G-man and I typically don't exchange anniversary gifts. Being just 1 month after Christmas, we can't justify it. But I just sort of feel like I want to do something.

Help me think of an under $10 gift that is cute, romantic, thoughtful, a little silly, a little serious, and doesn't look junky.

I am at a loss....I am not good at anniversary stuff.


  1. have to tell us what he likes..his hobbies..

  2. Fishing and music are the big ones. But it doesn't have to directly relate to that.

  3. One year for V-day I wrote cheesy little notes like "you make me snicker" "You're such a Big Hunk", "We were mint for each other" and taped it to candy bars and left them in random places each day for a week or something. It was simple and cute and cheap.

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