Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weight Watchers

I started with Weight Watchers (WW) on January 1, 2009 (so just about a year ago). I have struggled in the past months, but kept going to the meetings for the encouragement and support. I seem to be back in the swing of it now!

G-man and I were talking budget, and we were looking at more fat to trim, and I agreed to cut my WW membership back. I have a monthly plan at $43/month that gives me unlimited access. So my original thought was I would do pay as you go, and go 1x a month, at $12.70. Sounded good....not ideal, but something.

After talking to my leader last night....this is not a good option. WW only lets you miss 3 meetings in a 26 week period before you have to re-register. And pay the registration fee each time! If I go 1x a month....basically I will have to re-register each month....bring me back to the original monthly cost that I am paying now.

Even if I go 2x a month, I will still have to re-register every 6 weeks.

So the choice now is give it up completely and hope that I have learned enough to do it alone, or keep things as is.

This is VERY tough for me. It took alot for me to start, and say I was worth the $43 a month (auto debit from our checking CC). I have lost about 25 lbs so far (it was 28, but like I said...I have struggled the past months). I would like to loose about another 50 lbs.

Logically, I say I have the base tools to do it alone. But emotionally, I need the support. At what point do you have to put your self before the budget? This isn't about new clothes or vacations or luxury. This is about being healthy, feeling good, being a better wife and mom because I know that am taking care of myself.

Is that worth $43 a month?


  1. Short answer: yes. If you are going to the meetings and they are beneficial to you, it would be like putting a price tag on good health and saying it's not worth it. Ordering pizza out 2X a month for $43? Um, not worth it.

  2. I say stay with WW. My Mom used to go and had great success. Can't you after a while become a lifetime member which is free? Like you said sometimes you have to put yourself before the budget. You need to be healthy and happy to be a good mother, wife and friend. A example from my life is massages. I don't get them often but am a RN and it is tough on my body. I hate to spend the money but it is worth it to feel better.

  3. Yes, once you reach lifetime (which is reaching your goal weight and then maintaining for 6 weeks), you don't pay.

    I am about 55 lbs away from that isn't going to happen anytime soon.