Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Proud of me

It is 9:02am....well, at least here it is...and it is for the the time I finish this, it won't be 9:02am anymore.

I have just finished paying bills. The ones I have to write a check for. UGH. Mostly it is medical stuff....which if I can direct your attention to the right side of the screen....please notice the big ole ZERO balance in some areas!!!

But that is not the point of this post. I had to pay our car personal property tax. At least in our state, we have bills sent in July, for a July payment and January payment. My car value has dropped, so at this point, we just pay in July. G-man's car still has 2 payments, albeit they have also gone down (gotta love depreciation).

Technically this payment is due 1/1/10. But they give you until 2/1/10 to pay it without penalty. But I paid it TODAY. December 30. Two full days BEFORE it is ACTUALLY due.

With 3 paychecks this month, we had the money now. Why wait and let that "extra" money get sucked into some other vortex? The bill needed to get paid. So I just paid it. It is in the mailbox waiting to go to the happy Tax Collector.

The other bonus of paying it is tax deductible for 2009. If I paid it in January...I would have had to wait for the 2010 taxes (processed in 2011!) to deduct it.

Small victory, yes. Am I still bummed that I don't have thousands of dollars knocked off of our debt....yep. But we are making baby steps in the right direction.

( is now 9:11am *smile*)


  1. Yea! Progress!

    Personal property tax on cars? well, I never.

  2. Wow, I didn't know that some people paid property tax on their cars. Of course, our state probably taxes some things that yours doesn't so it all works out in the end.

    Very smart of you to pay it now while you have the money, as you said you never know what may come up tomorrow!

    ~ Nan