Saturday, November 7, 2009

The check

I have to give a shout out to our insurance company. They are QUICK. G-man's accident was Nov 3, and we got an insurance check on Nov 6!!!

Now, here is the issue: the check.

When G-man was talking to the adjuster, he told G-man that we don't have to fix the car. They can't make us. We can do whatever we want with the check.

HUH???? Isn't that insurance fraud????

Apparently not. The damage to our car really isn't that bad. I would say the small crease in the hood is my main concern. Don't want it to rust. The rest of it is minor cosmetic stuff. Still...this check is fairly sizable.

I still think we should fix the car. But there is something tempting about using the check to really get our snowball going! This check will wipe out ALL the medical debt. Or we could get rid of the small student loan and wipe out a great deal of medical stuff.

Or it could go to CC1 which has the highest interest rate.

But it really should go to fix the car. It would be my luck that the adjuster would be wrong and I would have to update this blog from the comforts of the minimal security prison I will end up in for spending the money wrongly.


  1. Catching up on your archived posts. ;) Just wanted to say that as long as your insurance check is written out to you, you do not have to use it to fix your vehicle.

    In fact, there was a Dave Ramsey radio segment where a woman was drowning in debt because she wrecked her car (totaled it, in fact) but used the money to shop instead of fix the car! Obviously, if your car needs THAT MUCH work, you should use the insurance money for its intended purpose. But if it's cosmetic stuff, I don't see the big deal in using the money for something more important - like debt.

  2. @Red....if you keep reading, you will find out what happened with this check. I will give you a hint.....the credit union screwed us up!