Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another small victory

In early July, I called to try and get my 19.24% interest rate on CC1 lowered. Didn't work, and to add insult to injury....they slashed my credit limit to $189 above the balance at the time.

I am mildly proud to say 4 months later....I have a little over $1100 in credit available. I have paid almost $1000 in principal on that card. (never mind that I have spent almost twice that in payments just to keep up with the interest.)

It is frustrating though that we aren't making headway. Granted, we just bought new blinds for a few windows (inexpensive, but not the cheap-cheap ones we have that keep breaking). And have we gone out to eat a few times...yeah. I just wish we would find the right formula to really start to make progress.

Add in the stupid medical bills......GRRR.

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