Monday, October 19, 2009

Trash ponderings

We have a trash company that picks up our refuge once a week. For this lovely service....we pay $87 a quarter, or $348 per year. We do not have a public "dump" in this area....we do have a recycling center that takes paper, but not household waste.

The reason I am thinking about this.....not everyone on our street gets trash pick-up. Now, there are several companies around, but I am talking that these people do not have ANY company pick up.

We all make trash. Unless you subscribe to the Freegan lifestyle, you are going to make trash. My question is this.....Where does their trash go??? I am paying almost $350 a year. I am certainly willing to take my trash somewhere if it will save $350. But where???

My mission this week....ask a few neighbors what they do with their trash. Even if it is some weird and wacky answer, I am just curious at this point.

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