Monday, September 21, 2009

Grocery and Eating Out Update

We set a budget with the FA, based purely on an educated guess. We are finding that we were a little off in our thoughts.

Our budget:

Grocery - $400
Dining out - $100

FA's budget (trying to reign in on things!):

Grocery - $340
Dining out - $50

Yeah......not sure those any of those numbers are realistic. And after my rant last week over high price ice cream, I was SURE we were bombing all of this. So I did a tally this afternoon for September (to date).

Grocery - $218.75
Dining out - $160.32

I am happy with the grocery....we are actually a little ahead. But I think part of that is also because we are down to bare bones in the house!!!!

Dining out.....well......part of that is because of G-man's crazy hours due to a work project (being in the field, he had to get food out. And trust me....even if he could have brought something....he wouldn't have eaten it in that environment). And we took the kids out to dinner this weekend (which I am totally ok with....they eat in a restaurant so infrequently). And not having food in the we ordered Chinese 2x.

So we definitely aren't HORRID on the groceries. Need to work on the dining out. I give us a grade of B on the groceries, and D on the dining out!

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