Friday, January 1, 2010

Financial Goals 2010

Obviously this blog is about our financial goals would make sense.

1) Become a better team member of Team Mysti/G-man Financial Debt Relief by actually INCLUDING G-man in my plans! I am still struggling with this. I can't do this alone. We have to be a team. Trying to fix it all myself isn't going to work, and letting him keep his head in the sand isn't going to work. Therefore:

A) TOGETHER, find a minimum of $150 of expenses to cut per month.
B) TOGETHER, pay the bills, so he can have a better sense of where our month goes, and what it FEELS like to do it.
C) Remember we both deserve to have a small amount of money that we don't have to account for to each other; therefore, TOGETHER decide what is appropriate and budget that in.

2) Pay off G-man's retirement loan. I outlined the plan for this here.

3) Pay off $5,000 worth of debt, outside of the retirement loan. While I am soooo impressed at those of you who have paid off tens of thousands in one year....I don't foresee that happening. This goal averages out to roughly $417 per month, which is really a stretch for us.

4) Track expenses as they happen...not after! I am famous for entering all the numbers at once and discovering that we spent a gazillion dollars on something, after the fact. Groceries, personal care, clothing....all need to be tracked as we go. No way of sticking to a budget without knowing what you are spending.

And as a subcategory to this:

A) Work toward a Zero Balance Budget
B) Finalize usable spreadsheets (Excel and I are intimate friends ;) )
C) Keep track of our coupon usage, to help spur us on!

5) Open ING accounts for A) Christmas and B) Long term saving goals. Continue to fund as we go.

6) Find one thing each day to be proud of that I did or didn't do, related to finances.

7) Keep coupons organized in new binder, allowing maximum usage, and minimal waste!

8) Send in rebate offers within 1 week of purchase of said product, before I can lose the receipt, forget, or some other lame excuse.

9) Start teaching Sassy and Bossy about money!!!! This will include starting a weekly allowance for each, and teaching them how to save for later, give to charity, and how to responsibly spend!!!

10) Respond to 75% of MyPoints and Paid Email entries....gotta save for those free gift cards!

If you would like to read my Personal or Blogging goals, scroll around, or click the links!

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  1. Great goals Mysti! If you don't already have an ING account let me know and I can send you my referral. If you start out with $250 you get a $25 bonus. I love ING as it's so simple! Good luck with keeping your goals!